Sunday, March 21, 2010

Work (War) Games

Recently, I have had the misfortune of cheesing off a highly placed person at my work. Let's call him, "Johnny 7, One-man-Army" (a highly controversial toy marketed in the 60's...)

The cause of the cheesing off was due to my having responded to an invitation by his boss (along with my colleagues)to give feedback as to why our Division had the lowest 'Employee Engagement'in the OPS.

I gave my views, and regrettably, a new employee, who appears to believe leaking to superiors is the royal road to advancement...has put me in the fix that I am in.

Johnny 7, while full of moral rectitude, has orchestrated two Investigative Interviews against me on questionable grounds.

I have tried to avoid getting into a battle with management about these things, but I now have no choice. Aside from defending myself, I have also brought forward material that may be damaging to their side too.

The sad thing is, the underlying cause for the war games is not considered, nor how to deal with criticism as an organization. My organization CANNOT handle criticism for some reason and I'm a critical person...There is also a movement in civil service circles to assess not just the work one does but what one also believes...

I'm trying my best to take the high road (as they've already taken the low road)...but it is unclear how this will end up or how long it might take...

And the saddest part is that the boss of Johnny 7, after having it explained to him that reprisals are occurring as a result of my having acted on his uncertain how to act. If he gets involved, it might be considered too interfering, if he does nothing, he condones an abuse of power...

Ah, the existential life of a civil servant...


markg said...

How did you give your views? In a public meeting? Did the boss specify whether he wanted your views to be public or private?

What are the grounds that the new guy had to complain? Did you complain about him? If you make it personal then he has grounds to complain, otherwise he probably doesn't.

Sounds like you're going to need an ombudsman or some kind of arbitration. It's too bad the original boss doesn't have enough cahones to say, "Hey, he was just responding to my request, get over it."

mkworks said...

Update: On May 12 I was given a one day suspension without pay.

This is now being grieved on a number of bases.

I will probably be in front of a Grievance Settlement Board in three months. Mandatory mediation, then arbitration.

I have three concerns:

1. This will get ugly before it gets better -- character assination, lies, and unimaginable vileness are ahead;

2. I may win, but unless there is "remediation of the workplace" the same problems can reoccur;

3. I have no choice. Doing nothing only postpones further trumpted up charges. I am also concerned that the law and justice are not the same things...

Anonymous said...

Aug 27/10 Update - Grievance still not before the GSB, might not get there til Jan 2011.

However, management has decided to have me attend mandatory education with an unnamed third-party coach. One vendor they showed me required that I undergo a psych assessment too. I outlined my concerns over both, and will refuse if they press the case. Just like a child with a gun, you don't want an employer with a psych assessment...M.K. Works