Saturday, June 26, 2010

Preschooler Prescience

My wife is now pregnant and expecting twins (??!!) in December. My #1 son, who is 5, recently made the following quotes:

On Father's Day, prior to launching an attack upon me (something preschoolers like to do on occasion), I tell him that rule #1 is not to attack dad. His response: "Why, you're not pregnant?!"

Another occasion, the same preschooler hits his mom on the leg for which she protests. Again, he comes up with: "Why, you're not pregnant there?!"

Recently, I explained to him that his mom might be more grouchy due to the hormones going through her body. He asked what that was and I said they were like chemicals. When his mom took him to task for something, he retorted: "Don't use your chemicals on me!"

Unrelated, yesterday, after listening to his mom talk, he exclaimed: "I can talk without taking a breath just like mom..." And then proceeded to do just that. Mom stopped talking at that point, dad -- started laughing. (I would've paid the kid to come up with that had I thought of it...)

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