Friday, January 14, 2011

"We're Innocent When We Dream..."~ Tom Waits

"To heir is human." Delores E. McGuire.

I've got to hand it to my wife, she pulled it off, she successfully delivered two wonderful babies on Dec 16/10 (about 10 days earlier than scheduled by induction and about 30 days earlier than term).

The two kids are named Sam & Zoe.

"He not busy being born is busy dying." Bob Dylan

Spencer Tracey?

Audrey Hepburn?

When folk find out we have had twins, in many cases, a look of horror travels across their faces. Some actually say: "better you than me."

Four weeks into it, I can say sleep deprivation is pretty rough.

But, Santanyana once said: "There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

So, maybe that's what I'll try to do.


Mike Researcher said...

Excellent pics of the children.

The closeness that twins experience is unique. Growing up in the same family, and the same age, they are in a unique position to share perspectives on life. On the other hand, many twins experience a need for space. They may find their close relationship to be stifling. Depending on their personalities they may be the best of friends or worst of enemies. Their closeness having the potential to both bring them together or separate them as far as possible from each other.

Poem Source: Twin Poems - Poems about Twins

M.K. Works said...

Yes, but which one will be the good or evil twin?

M.K. Works

JJ Konstantin said...

I have always wanted to be a twin. I can only surmise that growing up with a twin would be a rare and truly unique experience. Twins share a bond that goes beyond the typical sibling bond. They will be each others confidant and protector.
You have posted excellent pictures of the twins and I enjoyed reading the amusing perspective from the sleep deprived, but obviously elated father.
Congratulations to you both!